Went to cheer my cousin on during his swim meet last Sunday. Would’ve liked to have stayed a bit longer and cheer the rest of kids on.

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This guy, is a great person and I thank him a lot for all his help.
Nice! My brother is thinking of doing animation at Atlantic. I also have a friend at RIT and he loves it. I hope you can achieve that. I think it's amazing that you'll go study photography!

Sweet, Atlantic’s a nice place and the animation teachers are all great people so he’ll enjoy it if he goes there. I’m taking photography there at Atlantic, and it is nice but just the type of photography that I want to do. So I’m going to RIT for there Photojournalism degree that they have which is something I really wanna do. Advice for your brother if he goes to Atlantic to really make the best out of his time there, they will teach the basics and what not but is placed on the student to really push himself to learn and expand what he learned at his house or at the uni library. Just something I don’t really see many students do there.

Hey, I really enjoy your photographs and I noticed you had some interesting shot of Puerto Rico. Are you from here, or where you traveling? What where your favorite spots to photography?

Nah I wasn’t traveling I’m from Puerto Rico, currently living in Bayamon. And as for favorite places to go photograph I’m gonna have to get back to you on that since lately I haven’t really gone out to shot as much and just play around with my flash at work lately. I will say though, I’ve been really taking a liking to San Juan  for the great variety of people you see there and all the back alleys you can go into it’s rather over done here in PR to go to San Juan to shoot, but I still think it’s really nice.

San Juan is really such a nice place to go for a walk at.

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a bit been busy with work and finding out info on transfering to RIT for there Photojournalism degree.
We had a shooting at work today and they left the gear out, so we decided to play with them.
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Let’s Get Started!


The theme to start off this first collaboration is…. SUMMER!

Submit your photos of your favorite summer memories or what summer looks like to you!

My current adventure with my dog laying on the floor.

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I’ve been wanting to make a photograph of me and my grandfather for awhile, we have the sorta relationship that we just go about our lives and just saying hello to each other and nothing else.
The young guy, the old family member. Even though we don’t really share anything besides that hello, I’ll be watching over him making sure he’s alright even though I don’t look like it.

You guys, all of you are amazing. You really are.